Thursday, July 9, 2009

CHANGE - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  • Yesterday: It was in near past that I lost an opportunity due to CHANGE
  • Today: I am free from the bondage of the past
  • Tomorrow: Will be a new beginning.

The pessimist would say that the glass is half empty and the optimist that it is half full. The Leader who has accepted CHANGE would say that the glass has double capacity than is required.

I have had a difficult struggle in the past due to CHANGE, but I am on the way to where I want to be and have started accepting the CHANGE. The initial step towards CHANGE is Awareness and the next step is Acceptance.

In CHANGE the PROBLEM should be perceived as a Practical Reality Offering Best Lessons to Enhance Maturity. This shows that Accepting CHANGE enhances our Maturity.

Today I have clarity in my mind and I am happy and still struggle with the challenges of CHANGE, but I am working on recovery and learning what CHANGE is. I could be powerless over others but the only thing that I can CHANGE is me. Now I am accustomed to make decisions and accordingly instead of reacting to the situation, I am responding to them and make CHANGE so much easier to implement.

Yesterday is gone, today is almost over and I can’t wait until the mystery of tomorrow unfolds.
Seeing is believing, and believing is seeing – Don’t give up and don’t leave until you overcome CHANGE.

HOW helps us and lets the power greater than ourselves to restore us to Sanity. HOW means

  • Honesty
  • Open-mindedness
  • Willingness

We can cherish certain moments of the past, of them some are easily erased and others are difficult to forget. We should be proud of our past experience with CHANGE and have a critical view on it as we know that our experience of the past with CHANGE becomes very useful to us in future.

Today is a very interesting concept. Some say that today lasts for a Second. What happened in Second is in the past and what will happen in a Second is future which is yet to come.
Today we Plan and rationally organize our division of time in order to do much better and be successful in future.

The way CHANGE is perceived will be different for each individual. Today is the time for our preparation for tomorrow’s success and achievement and their hope resides in the present that is today. Tomorrow is very independent; it observes time and arrives according to its invariability. Provide significant amount of time for clarification on CHANGE as our understanding of CHANGE will help to a great extent in Accepting with its total Awareness and thereby win CHANGE.

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