Monday, July 13, 2009

Role of Communication in CHANGE Management

The first step towards Change is Awareness. The second step is Acceptance.

Not giving place to the thoughts which change with time, if you are able to think in a different way it is called Paradigm Shift. This will come if we are able to wipe out all previous thoughts and start thinking afresh which is called Lateral Thinking.

We need to be aware of the fact that Communication is the Key in Change Management and accordingly accept change and manage it through communication. For us to be successful in CHANGE Management we need to demarcate and have some basic guidelines:

  • Develop a written communication Plan to ensure that there are no gaps in Communication and that they are in accordance to your Change Management Process.
  • Communicate about the change consistently, frequently and through multiple channels including speaking, writing, training, focus groups, bulletin boards, intranets etc. So that everyone involved in accepting CHANGE are aware of it in its entirety.
  • Also one needs to emphasize to hold off all communication until you are positive about the decision to Accept Change.
  • Provide significant amount of time for queries and their responses to avoid communication gaps.
  • Ensure to communicate in clear terms what the Vision, Mission and the Objectives of the CHANGE Management Effort. This will help those involved to understand it better.
  • Recognize that the true communication is a conversation that is two way which results in positive discussion.
  • In CHANGE the leaders need to spend time covering one-on-one with those involved who are expected to implement CHANGE.
  • With communication we should build a memorable conceptual framework and also a theoretical framework to underpin the actual CHANGE involved.
  • Leaders need to listen carefully and also act with thoughtfulness.
  • Make leaders available as far as possible to those involved in the implementation of the CHANGE so as to avoid any communication gaps.
  • As Communication is very important we should ensure that we are proactive.
  • Ensure that those who are involved in CHANGE mingle with each other and network both formally and informally to share their ideas about CHANGE and CHANGE Management.
  • Ensure to have a full fledged Rewards and Recognition Scheme for not only Success but also for the positive approach of those involved and their accomplishments in CHANGE and CHANGE Management.
  • Celebrate each small win with wide publicity and motivate the CHANGE Implementers.

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